Does Circle play music?

Circle does not play music. We don't currently have any plans to support playing music for free. We may explore paid music at a later date.

Can I change Circle's prefix?

Yup! You can change the prefix by visiting our dashboard.

Can I change Circle's username, avatar, or playing status?

No. You can't.

How do I set a modrole?

You can set a modrole by visiting the dashboard, selecting your server, and clicking the moderation plugin.

How can I log deleted messages?

You can log deleted messages (and other events) by visiting the dashboard, selecting your server, and setting up the logging plugin

How can I log when my moderators kick, ban, or unban someone using Circle?

You can enable moderation logs through the moderation plugin on the dashboard.

I saw someone in Circle's support server had a fancy "Guild Owners" role. How do I get this role?

You can receive the Guild Owners role by inviting Circle to a server you own.

Circle can take up to 10 minutes to automatically assign this role. Be patient!

I get an "Error 2000" when I try to access certain pages of Circle's site.. what's going on?

Your user account has been blocked from some pages of our site because malicious activity was detected. This can also happen if you're banned from our support server.

I need help and this doesn't answer any of my questions!!

Please ask your question in our support server.‚Äč